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No upgrades to SAP

Pre-build integration with SAP to provide access to data tied in SAP transactions and master data to the bots. The bots can be trained to use this data intelligently to give effective response to user converstations

Human Hand off

For complex conversations, the bots can hand over to a human agent who can be watching the conversation queues. The systemalso does sentiment analysis to visually high light the status to agents in a Shared Service Environment.


The bots can be give various skills based on the requirements just like training a new employee who joins a team. The bots will have to relevant data and knowledge base so that they can intelligent answer user queries

AI-powered chatbots for any team

Most user interactions with systems are around common repetitive inquiries. Many of them can be automated, making it easy to scale your support for suppliers — without having to hire an army of agents. BotPlatform is a complete solution to build, manage and optimize chatbots for your AP Team processes.

Trainable, digital assistants

Give the bots similar skills that you give to your team members

Continuous monitoring and refinement based on user feedback

Sentiment alerts for human intervention


Real-time analytics to help manage conversations

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No new hardware required

Botplatform is a subscription service. No servers need to be installed. Only a simple ABAP add-on gets installed on your SAP system.

Alexa / Siri for the Enterprise

Adding various skills to the bots so that they can automatically engage the users. Both information and transactional conversations are supported.

Any version of SAP ERP

Consider SUPER-CHARGING your shared services team.

No upgrades to SAP

Botplatform does require you to upgrade your SAP system or add other SAP Netweaver components. A simple ABAP add-on does the connectivity to the cloud infrastructure.

Instant Virtual colleagues

Add capacity to any team without hiring new employees. The chatbots will become your virtual colleagues and help take on a bunch of repetitive workloads.

Instant Shared Services Team setup

Easily add a shared service center (SSC) team setup by adding bots to the team. Even if you don't have a SSC setup it is super simple to be set one with a bunch of bots as the team.

Want to know more about Chatbots?

To explore and discuss more about what you are looking for, It will be really useful to have a discovery call at your preferred timeslot.